VelociDrone FPV Racing Simulator

  • Moin zusammen,

    Mario alias Mr.Vortex hat mich das letzte mal auf den SImulator VelociDrone hingewiesen. Hab mir dann mal die Demo gezogen und muss wirklich gestehen, das sich der von den Eigenschaften besser fliegt als LiftOff. Zumindest fühlt sich das besser an. Auch wenn man hier mit den Rates spielt, kommt es annähernd ans orgingal hin. Da muss LiftOff noch nachbessern.

    Die Demo könnt Ihr auch mal hier ansehen:

    Preis war ca 20.00 Euro nach Wechselkurs.

  • Neue Version V1.11 verfügbar:

    New Function

    • Pilot Ranking System active in single class mode
    • Online pilot ranking data
    • Prop Damage Simulation active in single class mod
    • Three BetaFlight Profiles per model - switchable from the tx
    • Forward or Deferred rendering selection
    • Demo flight functionality in time attack mode to help learn tracks
    • Track rating system for online track db
    • Fuzzy search inside the sim online track database
  • neues update:

    VelociDrone Available - 03/11/2017

    VelociDrone will be released as a full download. Please login and download to upgrade, Previous verrsions can be deleted.You will not loose any settings or custom tracks.

    Fixes and Enhancements

    • All scenes reworked to be more efficient for low specification computers
    • New options added - Camera draw distance and physics cpu usage to allow tailoring of the load on the system for low spec computers
    • Multiplayer and ghost quads now have a draw size modifier so they can easily be seen during a race rather than disappearing to a tiny dot very quickly when far away.
    • Ability for VelociDrone support to designate tracks as official on our servers without having to do a release containing those new tracks.
    • Race start toggle switch changed to support sprung switches
    • Quad prop/motor sounds updated so when you are FPV mode you hear the same sort of sounds you would hear from a GoPro session onboard (new sound sampled from a Chameleon running a GoPro session)
    • Quad prop/motor sounds line of sight use the previous velocidrone sounds as they were sampled using a standard mic listening at distance.
    • Fix the bug where on changing scenes/maps the UI freezes up and UI components get stuck on the screen
    • Ability to change the camera exposure in scenes using the , and . keys
    • Prop damage and quality settings notifications moved to the top of the screen so they aren't distracting
    • Networking code and voice chat code updated to latest levels
    • OSX moved to OpenGL shaders to fix issues with Metal shaders not working on older OSX versions
    • Prop shaders fixed on OSX so that glow rings for props are now seen line of sight
    • Quad weight slider now goes from 80% to 160% to allow for extra weight like GoPros
    • End of race status panel updates removed during a race as these were causing stutter when hosting. Race status panel is now only updated as players finish their race.
    • Prop power slider re-enabled as it was broken in 1-11
    • Updates to race start to stop quads getting frozen on the start grid
    • Video cut scenes at sim start removed and replaced with much faster images
    • VelociDrone desktop icon fixed
    • Fix rankjng bug where ranking becomes minus 2 million tenporarily during a session
    • Remove frame rate capping code as this was causing stutter issues
    • Various efficiency changes to increase game smoothness and help performance on Intel HD