Neue Firmware für Vortex 285 Race Quad

  • New beta firmware is available for your Vortex 250 Pro and your Vortex 285.

    What's new:
    - OSD and flight controller firmware are now bundled in a zip file for your convenience.
    - Vortex 250 now supports Betaflight 2.1.6 implementing new AIRMODE for more fun.
    - New motor test diagnostic added to Vortex, check it out on page 2 of the OSD main menu!

    you can grab Vortex 250 Firmware, with Betaflight 2.1.6 here:

    you can grab Vortex 285 Firmware, with Cleanflight 1.11.0 here:

    Here is the full list of new stuff you will find in OSD v1.0.0.22(since v1.0.0.21):
    - Motor Diagnostics test.
    - Compatible with FC API 1.14 (cleanflight 1.11.0 \ betaflight 2.1.6).
    - Automatically adapt D scaling of Expert Protunes using REWRITE PID controller if betaflight 2.1.5 or higher is detected (VORTEX 250 Pro tunes Only).
    - Reduce Super Mario bros beep speed.
    - Fix Current value display when > 99.9 A.
    - Fix missing simple beeps on startup when none of the new tunes are selected.

    Happy flying with ImmersionRC!

    Moin zusammen,

    neue Firmware ist für den Vortex verfügbar, somit auch Cleanflght 1.12... endlich AirMode :D…cing-quad/#specifications


    ### v1.0.0.26 - 03/17/2016
    ## What's new
    - Fusion Gen2 can now be configured for Vortex 250 or Vortex 285 via vortex-configurator
    - Looptime control back with betaflight 2.4.1 in OSD>FlightControl>FC Setup
    - Full compatible with cleanflight 1.12\betaflight 2.4.1
    - Flight controller small_angle set to 180 during OSD TX Wizard
    - Check if FC is alived when starting OSD TX wizard, report error to user if necessary and don't spend time trying to configure FC
    ## Bugfix
    - Fix x Gamer summary ( was overriden by Flight Debriefing )

  • ImmersionRC hat mit der Firmware am 19.04.16 nachgezogen...…cing-quad/#specifications

    ### v1.0.0.28 - 04/19/2016
    ## What's new
    ## Bugfix
    - Fix bug with profile selection with betaflight 2.4.0 and higher ( max was not adjusted correctly )
    - Fix problem with flight-controller upgrade issue.
    Now you should be able to also recover from a bricked flight-controller (ie: wrong hex file flashed), Here is the procedure:

    * Plug USB
    * Plug USB OFF and On again
    * Plug LiPo
    * Wait 10 seconds
    * Start cleanflight-configurator
    * Select right COM port
    * Click Load Firmware [Local]
    * Select betaflight firmware you previously downloaded
    * Click Flash Firmware > If it failed, wait 1 seconds and retry.... Sometimes it may need few attempts before it starts flashing, so keep trying few times