Neue KISS Firmware V1.3RC25 mit neuen LUA Scripts V0.8

  • Moin zusammen,

    seit heute ist die neue KISS Firmware 1.3RC25 raus... neue LUA Scripts gibts auch dazu... nicht vergessen die neu GUI so wie auch die ESCs updaten....!…ublic-beta-for-kiss-fccc/


    FC/CC firmware since 1.3-RC10

    - Added adaptive filter

    - Added turtle mode feature with visual and audio warning

    - Fixed custom orientation bug

    - Fixed soft serial issues

    - Fixed unify 800mw issue

    - Fixed crossfire lua delays

    LUA 0.8

    - Added TPA screen

    - Added all filters

    GUI 1.16.14

    - Added online FC flasher (MAC ONLY)

    - Added online ESC flasher

    - Added online ESC flasher for mobile devices

    - Added Model view on data output page (handy for custom board orientation)

    - Changed inputs to be numeric. Possible to use UP and DOWN arrows. Looks nicer too.

    - Added Numeric keyboard on mobile versions, no more letters on the keyboard.

    - Fixed flasher menu bug

    - Changed colors at some places

    - Added adaptive filter checkbox