Simplify 3D in der Version 4.1 verfügbar

  • Moin zusammen,

    Simplify 3D hat jetzt mit der Version 4.1.1 nachgelegt:

    Version 4.1.1

    • Significantly improved corkscrew printing (vase mode) transitions to create smooth spiraling outlines without any added artifacts
    • Improved seam locations for corkscrew printing mode (vase mode) using the start point options defined on the Layer tab
    • Improved solid layer placement to create high-quality top solid layers
    • Several improvements to the avoid crossing outlines behavior for more efficient travel paths between different areas of the print
    • Updated skirt and brim placement so that they stay closer to the model outline for improved adhesion
    • Resolved an issue for more consistent retraction sequences when the “perform retraction during wipe movement” option is enabled
    • Fixed a bug with retractions when the “force retraction between layers” option was disabled
    • Fixed a bug related to support structures of duplicated models
    • Fixed a bug that had impacted bridging perimeter placement with some specific models
    • Resolved several issues related to single extrusion toolpaths in thin wall regions
    • Numerous additional bug fixes and stability improvements