Firmware updates für Prusa MK3

  • Moin zusammen,

    gerade gesehen das es nen neues update für den Prusa gibt. Version 3.5.0

    • Faster filament loading
    • Pause print and Preheat error improved
    • Min. extrude temp. changed to 175 °C in all variants
    • Time remaining > 100 h screen fix
    • Improved Wizard for assembled printers
    • Filament change (M600): make space for opening idler
    • Bed power monitor
    • Standard G-codes for setting TMC currents
    • Crash detection -> stop print bug fixed
    • The French language added
    • Other general improvements

    Werd ich dann mal draufknüppeln... Aktuell läuft der gerade...

    Die Driver & Apps ist jetzt auch in der Version 2.2.2 verfügbar:

    Changes in 2.2.2

    • Slic3r 1.41.2
      • Improved OpenGL rendering performance on OSX Mojave
      • Fixed some crashes when slicing multi-material prints
      • Fixed invalid extruder assignment after switching from a multi-material printer profile to a single-material printer profile.
  • Moin zusammen,

    die FW 3.5.2 ist jetzt final. Endlich wurde es auch geschafft, das die Düse beim Laden vom Filament automatisch beheitzt wird und noch ein paar andere tolle features haben wir:


    • More quiet print fan operation
    • Heatbed regulation improved
    • Improved heater temperature regulation
    • Spool join for multi-material prints
    • Smarter load/unload function
    • Mintemp for MK2.5 updated
    • SD card menu is shown automatically when the card is inserted
    • Safer communication between MMU2 and printer
    • Crash detection for zero target temperature fixed

    Detailed description of changes:

    More quiet print fan operation:

    This change is significant especially for low fan speeds.

    Heatbed regulation improved:

    Heatbed PWM now works on a higher frequency. This helps to reduce the power supplies "clicking" noises.

    Improved heater temperature regulation:

    When changing temperatures during the print, temperature regulation was very slow in some cases led to preheat error. Regulation has been improved. This should solve issue #1362.

    SpoolJoin for multi-material prints:

    It is now possible to use the "SpoolJoin" function also with multi-material prints. If some filament is depleted, the printer replaces it with next filament for the rest of print (for example if filament 2 was depleted, the printer starts using filament 3 instead). If there is no filament which can be used (all filaments were depleted), the printer waits for the user to insert new filament manually.

    Smarter load/unload function:

    If a user chooses load (or unload) in the menu with a cold nozzle, nozzle preheat menu automatically appears. After selecting material, preheat starts. When the nozzle is hot and the printer is ready for a load, beeper signal occurs. This function is working on single material printers with load/autoload and unload. It is not currently implemented for multi-material printers (load to nozzle, unload and eject).

    Mintemp for MK2.5 updated:

    "Mintemp" is now checked after a short period of preheating. This is necessary for maximum reliability on all MK2.5 Rambo boards.…qwVJlLE4wntEfBlrup5tuRNV4