TBS Fusion erste Fixes und Updates

  • Moin zu sammen,

    die ersten Updates und Fehlerbehebungen für das TBS Fusion. Hier mal per copy and paste:

    Extensive Fusion update! After moving office and starting to slowly settle in, here's a quick list of things that we have identified that may help you get your Fusion up and running. First, the good is that the issues are far and between considering how many we shipped. Nevertheless, we strive for perfection and perfection is what we will deliver! We thank all of our customers that are having issues on the patience that they have shown. This here is meant as a first, exhaustive list of all problems and how you can help us address them as quickly as possible.

    As with all issues, if you require one-on-one support, please contact our Customer Service either by slipping into DM with Mike Chin here on FB, or opening a support ticket. Any products that need to be replaced will require a support ticket, just to keep some kind of traceability. You can open up these support tickets with your point of sale, or with TBS.

    Now, to the meat of the post:

    * Rebooting / Black Screens: Remember that you need the power board even without the Crossfire connectivity on all goggles except HDO/HD2-T2. You will need the power board connected on ALL goggles once we do make the Crossfire connectivity available (and you intend to use it). So for HDO/HD2-T2 users there's no hurry, but we do recommend installing the power board at some point in time. Next generation Orqa and Fatshark goggles will work completely without power boards.

    * Update problems: There are 2 kinds of update problems. First is bootloader related issues. Agent-X needs to be on the latest version (2.0.21). Uninstall and download if it doesn't auto-update. When on the latest version and still not working, hold down the joystick while plugging in the Fusion, then update. Second issue, reboots or flickers during update. Your USB isn't providing enough power. The easiest fix here is to update while your goggles are running. And remember, after updating you always need to re-calibrate!

    * Camera issues: Some FPV cameras are resulting in a black vertical line down the middle, or jumping screen at the edge of reception. This is caused by some form of incompatibility between the Fusion algorithm and the camera. It's fixable, we just need a bit of time. To assist us in finding the problem, please give us a list of your setup (Camera, OSD, VTx) to help us in pinpointing the problems faster.

    * Screens not sticking down: No two ways about it, we should have caught this. It's a glue/double-side tape issue. The good news is, once you've got the covers on, it's no longer a problem. If your screen popped off, simply push it back down, and put the cover on. Be careful, don't apply force to the outer edges, as the screens are fragile. We're finding a better tape, and will send these out free of charge to anyone affected if necessary. Aligning the screen is simple. Put it down so you can only see the last line of text on the wifi module, that will center it nicely with the cover.

    * Reception: We've seen some people having worse than expected reception and/or lines in feed. First thing to check is for shorts between the GND and signal pads of the modules. Second thing is calibrating the receivers (Settings -> Calibration). If the issue persists, please contact our customer support, or open a support ticket. Even if you are not dissatisfied with your reception, we will hopefully have some good news in the coming days (along with a very economic upgrade route). Stay tuned!

    * Joysticks not "clicking" in a certain direction: Our assumption here is that it only happens with the case on. In that case, it would be a tolerance issue between the socket of the goggles and the position of the stick. A bit of "tough love" helps in this case.

    * Manual: Jenni and I are working on the manual. it's coming, but Jenni has been on a trip and I've been moving office and home. Excuses, excuses. We're behind, but getting to it.

    I will expand on this list as more surface, and rest assured we are doing everything possible that the very few cases of this will disappear as shipping continues. And on that note, more Fusions are shipping out today and we expect to fill all backorders before end of this week.

    Genau kann man das hier nachlesen: https://www.facebook.com/group…ermalink/678580349294405/