MK Firmeware V2.08

  • Moin zusammen,

    die MK Firmware ist in der Version 2.08 raus....

    Aus der Versionshistroy:

    2.08a (10.10.2014)
    - Redundance now In Flag3
    - Boat-Moade implemented
    - New Gyro DriftCompensation implemented
    - sending Offset values to NC for Logging
    - Menu: Neutral Values of Gyro now in full resolution
    - camera releases via automatic distances faster than 1 sec
    - clamp Altitude setpoint at +15m instead of +10m to allow faster starting
    - set all channels to zero in case of RC-Lost
    - removed: GPS_Z
    - New Parameter: Parameter_Hoehe_TiltCompensation
    - Default Failsafe-Time is 60sec (was 30sek before)
    - Sensitive_RC removed
    - Bugfix: WP-Event was sometimes triggered two times
    - transmit HoverGas to NC for logging

    - CalAthmospheare nachführen
    - ExpandBaro kürzer?

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