MK Firmeware V2.10 ist raus

  • Holger hat die Firmware 2.10 auf die Menschheit los gelassen....

    es gibt viele Neuerungen. Persönlich davon interessiert mich am meisten:

    ACC Kalibrierung im Flug mit HOT jetzt
    Servo für Failsafe lassen siche einstellen
    Der angeblich bessere Höhenregler....

    Den Rest und die Firmeware könnt ihr hier nachsehen:

  • Seit kurzem ist die 2.10c verfügbar, die Änderungen im Detail:

    2.10a (10.11.2014 - 17.04.2015)
    - New data structure of ExternalControl
    - Internal Copies of the Channel values
    - NC-Yawing rate limited to 100°/sec
    - ExpandBaro faster -> 80ms instead of 700ms
    - Altitude measurement re-calibrated (the measured value was about 5% too high)
    - transmit receiver type to NC
    - transmit stored neutral values (BOAT) to NC
    - SPI communication optimized -> some Data are faster, some are slower
    - BL-State (Current, Temperature,...) are now faster transferred for Logging
    - ComingHome: automatic Direction change
    - allows Yawing without CareFree (Yawing at Coming Home)
    - Bugfix: Output LED Blinking when RC-Lost
    - bugfix: uBat in 16Bit
    - AnalogLable CRC implemented -> KopterTool doesn't need to read them every time
    - ShutterCounter -> counts up when the output switches from low to high
    - transmit LipoCount to NC
    - Config "Disable CameraCompensation" disables also Roll-Compensation now
    - AccZ in 3D-Datastructure (for Ben)
    - new Parameter: LandingAccZ
    - 16 Motors
    - in-flight HoTT: Motortest and ACC-Calibration
    - Error Message: No Redundancy
    - Error Message: Redundancy Test
    - Redundant Slave: copy the Current, State and Temperature from the UART Data
    - in-flight ACC-Calibration with Jeti and KopterTool
    - ACC-Calibration by stick: 5 seconds delay
    - Bugfix: LED pattern was not used more often if the Hold time was longer than the pattern time
    - Servo Failsafe Positions implemented
    -> That Position is used for RC-Lost and UnderVoltage-Autolanding
    -> minimum 10 seconds active
    - MULTIPLEX servo protocol implemented (12 & 16 Channels)

    2.10b (28.04.2014)
    - small changes for the case of "NC-Communication loss"

    2.10c (11.05.2015)
    - Redundancy Master: If the I2C-Bus was switched off before flight (motors idle runnung), the Master didn't go into 'Fly'-State
    - Auto-Safe by transmitter-switch: UserParameter5 can be used in Menu "Save single position"
    - Auto-Load by transmitter-switch: UserParameter5 in Menu "Load single position"