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    2.14a (22.10.2015 - 15.02.2016)
    - Support for FC3.0
    - NC-Lib: compatiblity increased; Version check in LIB
    - ExternalControl:
    - more features added (GPS-Switch, Altitude, CF,..)
    - can be sent to NC and NC will foreward through SPI
    - ReceiverOkay implemented -> either if Data from RC or External Control are valid
    - SPI transmission of big Blocks added (for config data etc.)
    - SPI Error-counter added in analog data
    - SPI transmission changed to 20bytes of payload
    - HoTT-Text: "Compass-Calibration"
    - Errors:
    40: RC-Voltage
    41: Power Supply
    42: ACC not calibratetd
    - show settings name: 5 seconds instead of 10 seconds
    - HoTT & Jeti: Show Slave Error Code in Telemetry (only FC 3.0)
    - Slave marks BLs as present if they answer via UART
    - FC3.0: Transmit Status to Master FC
    - prevents switch-on in case of error
    - switches off if Master says: Switched off by RC-Command
    - New Parameter: CamCtrlModeChannel & CamCtrlZoomChannel
    - CamCtrl Character in HoTT & Jeti display
    - HugeBlock: wait until the I2C data is finished -> avoid I2C errors
    - Servo Position from Serial Poti: check if there is valid data
    - 30 sek Timout on serial Data (only for Servo Position until now)
    - Small Bugfix: Beep sequence was sometimes disturbed during power on
    - SPEAK_RECEIVER_VOLTAGE implemented (FC3.0)
    - since 2.13h (02.2016), the eeprom parameters are backwards compatible
    - uart buffer increased to 250 bytes to hold the new eeporm parameter structure
    - Simulation: correct behaviour of Servo-Failsafe-Positions
    - by default: CFG3_NO_SDCARD_NO_START

    - CalAthmospheare nachführen